[wingide-users] Auto-completion and Source Assistant problems with Wing IDE Pro 3.1.7-1?

Dan Roger wingusr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 06:57:44 MDT 2009

I just started sing Wing IDE Pro 3.1.7 and am getting frustrated. I do
the following in the editor window:

 import logging
 import logging.handlers
 import optparse

Now randomly, the autocompletion will work when I type
"logging.handler." but usually it doesn't. I can't figure out why
it sometimes works and others not. For example, if I copy & paste the
beginning of my file to another new empty file it works??? But if I cut
out all the trailing stuff in the original file to match, it still
doesn't work???

I have checked Show Analysis Stats... and everything looks right. The
File Properties... Environment tab shows both files using the same
"Use project setting" choice for Python path.

Similarly the Source Assistant will say "cannot determine type" when the
cursor is within logging, or handlers or optparse.

I find this all VERY annoying.  The FREE wxPython PyAlaMode, Editra,
DrPython, and PythonWin editors all seem to not have these sorts of
issues with autocompleting.

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