[wingide-users] Wing Debugger dies on (semi-) long running process

Chris Bergstresser chris at subtlety.com
Tue Jun 30 14:58:51 MDT 2009

Hi all --

   Here's another problem I'm having with the debugger.  I've got a
subprocess (using Popen) which takes about 40 seconds to complete.  I
call it like so:

            print 'START'
            p = Popen(my_args)
            self.out, self.err = p.communicate()
            print 'FINISH'
            print 'EXCEPTION'

   ... this works fine outside the debugger.  It works in the debugger
with faster processes (as in, 2 seconds).  But inside the debugger, it
prints "START", starts the subprocess, then exits within 1 second.
Doesn't print "FINISH", doesn't print "EXCEPTION", the debugger just
exits.  The subprocess continues running for 40 seconds, until it
exits normally.
   Any ideas what's going on, here?

-- Chris

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