[wingide-users] "ESC[?103h" in the debug windows

johnf jfabiani at yolo.com
Mon Jun 29 07:27:49 MDT 2009

On Sunday 28 June 2009 07:22:14 pm Joshua J. Kugler wrote:
> On Sunday 28 June 2009, johnf said something like:
> > Hi,
> > I see the "ESC[?103h" in the python shell, and debug I/O windows all
> > the time. Not that the above string is doing any harm that I'm aware
> > of.  It just why is it there?
> Is one of your scripts printing out ASCII escape sequences (i.e. colored
> text)?  Are you somehow running ipython in your debug window?
> j

No I not running ipython nor is there any ascii escape sequences in my code.  
On the other hand I am using color coding in the editor.  But it all comes 
from standard wing. 

BTW I'm using openSUSE 10.3 and python 2.5

John Fabiani

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