[wingide-users] odd left click drag copy, middle mouse paste issue

dave selby dave6502 at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 25 16:27:25 MDT 2009


I am using Wing IDE Professional 3.1.8-1 on xubuntu 9.04, nvidia card,
twinview. I am having an issue with left click drag as copy and middle
click to paste.

If I left click and drag in wing, then middle click in wing I get
nothing pasted, however if I got for example to abiword and middle
click I get the copied text
If I left click and drag in abiword, then middle click in wing I also
get the copied text.

But left clicking and dragging, then middle mousing to paste, all
inside wing it does not work. I have tried 'use system GTK' ticked and
unticked and I have 'middle mouse paste' ticked.

I am getting around it with ctrl-c ctrl-v but its a frustration.

I have a sneaky suspicion that it is to do with nvidia twinview as my
laptop with I believe has an identical setup does not suffer from this

Any ideas as a workaround ?




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