[wingide-users] Source Assistant not as helpful as it could be

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Wed Jun 24 11:50:45 MDT 2009

Mark Jones wrote:
> When my code looks like
>         grid = wx.FlexGridSizer( 
> the source assistant shows __init__ as expected
> when I add
>         grid = wx.FlexGridSizer( 0
> it changes to 
>   Symbol: 0
>     Actual type: Integer Literal

Are you saying that at this point the info for __init__ is removed from source
assistant?  It should stay visible at the top, in addition to the info on the
arg (and does in the quick test I just did).

What version of Wing are you using?

> typing , so that the code looks like
>         grid = wx.FlexGridSizer( 0,
> restores the help for __init__
> and so on, until we close the parens and the code looks like this
>         grid = wx.FlexGridSizer( 0, 2, 0, 0 )
> at which point the only way to see what __init__ takes as arguments is to move the cursor to the point I can't type, back into the word FlexGridSizer

Agreed -- we should continue to show info for wx.FlexGridSizer after ).

> Slickedit is a little more sane about this in that until I hit a dot, I don't get source help on the thing the cursor is on, I get help on the enclosing parens/function call.
> so that the Source Asst info for FlexGridSizer is displayed until I do something like
>         grid = wx.FlexGridSizer( x.
> In fact, it appears that the source assistant stuff is triggered by the . at all times, meaning I can't get Source Asst help on x without deleting and retyping the .
> This behavior is much better than the Wing behavior of not helping me when I need the help.

When the auto-completer is active, the source assistant shows info for the currently
selected item in the completer (again, this _should_ be in addition to the info on
__init__).  Hitting Esc to exit the completer should show info on x again w/o requiring
you to delete the '.'.


Stephan Deibel
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