[wingide-users] Use two # symbols when commenting out a region

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Wed Jun 24 11:11:49 MDT 2009

Michael Foord wrote:
>  From the IDLE mailing list (the final text is from Guido van Rossum):
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/idle-dev/2009-June/002766.html
>  >>> Why does IDLE use two hash marks for comments (##)? Most other editors
>  >>> (Geany, SPE) use a single hash mark (#) to designate comments.
>  >>>
>  >>
>  >> I actually don't know. I find that it's rather useful since I usually
>  >> use the commenting function to comment out blocks of code, and having
>  >> these commented with "##" differentiates them from comments which I
>  >> write manually.
>  >>
>  >
>  > +1 this is exactly how I use it.
> And this is how it's meant to be used. Quickly comment or uncomment a
> section of code. Invaluable.
> PS. Emacs does this too. I think there it was invented by Tim Peters.
> It is done so that the auto-indent functionality *ignores* the
> indentation of comments starting with ##, but assumes that comments
> starting with #+space are meant to align up properly with the
> surrounding code. (I don't know if IDLE uses this rule too.)
> Personally I like this behaviour and would like to see it in Wing.

I've bumped up the priority on this item, which has been on our
list for quite a while now... now it's in the "probably soonish
after 3.2 final" category.

Thanks for bringing this up.


Stephan Deibel
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