[wingide-users] Intellsence or how to genereate *.pi files for C++ embedded scripts?

Denis frankinshtein at bk.ru
Wed Jun 17 10:04:40 MDT 2009

generate_pi.py helped me

Wing IDE Support wrote:
> Denis wrote:
>> There are python embedded script to C++ game (.exe module)
>> How to setup Wing IDE   for  analyse methods/functions/classes 
>> exported from .exe module?
>> I found in documentation:
>> /"Using *.pi files to Assist Analysis
>> ...
>> But I didn't find any tools and information how to create *.pi file 
>> for embedded script automatically
> .pi files can be written manually, but there is a generation script 
> located in the src\wingutils folder in the Wing IDE install.  It 
> requires a .pyd or .so that can be imported in a python interpreter, 
> though.
>> Meantime when I'm debugging python code ->  WingIDE shows me 
>> everything from .exe module
> This info is coming from the live process.  Currently Wing doesn't 
> store the info for use after the process has ended.
> Cheers,
> John

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