[wingide-users] Using branch directories for projects

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jun 17 09:09:54 MDT 2009

Christopher Armstrong wrote:
> I use a distributed version control system, and I lay out my
> directories like this:
> ~/Projects/<name>/<branch>
> So, for example,
> ~/Projects/LandscapeClient/trunk
> ~/Projects/LandscapeClient/bug-12345

A couple of suggestions:

* Place the .wpr file in the <name>/<branch> and add it to version 
control.  Files are stored as relative names in the .wpr file so the 
files for the branch the .wpr is in will be in the project.

* Copy the .wpr file as needed either by opening and using save as or 
just a file copy.  Then change the directory for files included either 
through the IDE or simply by editing the .wpr file as text.



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