[wingide-users] Using branch directories for projects

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Jun 17 08:06:37 MDT 2009

Hi all. I'm fairly new to WingIDE, and this is my first post to the
list. I've been struggling to map WingIDE's concept of projects to the
way that I lay out my source directories, and figured I'd make use of
this list.

I use a distributed version control system, and I lay out my
directories like this:


So, for example,


etc. I often am reviewing or hacking on multiple branches, so I don't
just "switch" a single directory between branches - I actually keep
them separate.

My first idea was for each branch to be its own project. Needless to
say, this is tedious to manage - I create and fetch branches several
times a day, and going through the process of creating a project and
configuring its settings is way too much effort.

The next idea was to just make ~/Projects/LandscapeClient/ my project.
The main problem with this is that WingIDE spins the CPU like crazy
after opening the project, presumably because there are just so many
files to process. It does open quickly, but the CPU is hit so hard
that there's actually some latency moving my cursor around and typing.

So, given that I know a quite a few people who lay out their code like
this (most of the developers in my company, Canonical, most of the
Twisted and Divmod developers, ...), I figure this must be something
that someone has dealt with before. Maybe there's a way to quickly
switch which directory I'm currently working with in a project? I
think the next thing I'll try is keeping just one directory at a time
in my "LandscapeClient" project and then removing it and adding a
different one when I want to switch branches.

Christopher Armstrong

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