[wingide-users] Debugger: How to control what's shown in the Stack Data

Mirko Meier sharkibarki at web.de
Tue Jun 16 13:02:07 MDT 2009

Hi Wing-Users,

I'm quite new to Wing and trying to understand what is shown in the stack data panel while debugging and how to control what is shown.

E.g., with a breakpoint at print "OK"

import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
#from lxml import etree

testElement = etree.Element("JJ")
testElement.set("Ole", "JA")
testElement.tail = "I'm the tail"

print "OK" 


Now the stack data shows under "testElement" something like:
+__dict__  ... <dict 0xc64810>
tail ... None

where I excepted to see tail .... "I'm the tail".
This, however, is shown under the +__dict___.

The "tail" directly under the testElement seems to point to a class name, which confuses me.
Do I miss a point in the implementation of the _ElementInterface or does Wing show me some class variables there?


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