[wingide-users] Debugging QThread

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Mon Jun 8 08:43:40 MDT 2009

Chris Bergstresser wrote:
>    This is probably related to the other debugging issues I've been
> having, but Wing will frequently ignore breakpoints while debugging.
> I can have a "print 'Hello!'" statement in my code, and a breakpoint
> set on that line, and Wing won't stop even though the print statement
> executes.
>    Anyone else have this problem?

Wing's debugger doesn't support PyQt's QThreads because they are not based
on normal Python threads in a way that works w/ our existing debugging
hooks.  This results in what you are seeing, that you cannot stop on
breakpoints there.

We'll try to fix this.  A work-around may be to import wingdbstub on
the thread you want to debug.  See the following for instructions on
doing that:



Stephan Deibel
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