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curtis osterhoudt flutzpah at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 27 12:59:17 MDT 2009

Thank you for that bit of information! I had 'Enter' chosen as the only completion key, and never saw the comment lines or any of the other stuff (plus, I've only been using Wing for a few weeks). After making sure that the Include Templates choice was checked (it was), I still didn't see the fancy stuff inserted. However, changing the 'Enter' key to 'Tab' for completion, now I'm seeing the nice behavior. 

   I don't know whether the behavior I was seeing (i.e., no Template insertions with 'Enter') is by design or an accident, but I very much appreciate the new behavior. This makes my life much easier!



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Mike Driscoll wrote:
> I am running into a semi-weird issue. When I type "def" or "class", the 
> autocomplete only partially works. The words are auto-completed, but 
> Wing no longer puts the comment line above definitions or does the setup 
> for classes that it used to do. Is there some way to re-enable that 
> feature? I am running Wing 3.1 on Windows Vista. Thanks!

I think this is due to to templates not being included in the
auto-completer.  This is configured via the Include Templates in
Completer setting in the Editor -> Auto-completion preference page.




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