[wingide-users] ALT-F4 closing window

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at schwertberger.de
Fri Jul 24 14:15:34 MDT 2009

Hello John!

Wing IDE Support schrieb:
> Alt-F4 closes a window under Windows and not the application.  This is 
> behavior defined by Microsoft so I don't think Wing should try to do 
Yes, but it's not very common under Windows to have completely separate
windows for one project/file. So usually ALT-F4 closes the application
if only one project/file is loaded.

> By recovering a close window, do you mean recreating a toolbox window 
> with the same tools?  I can see the value in that.
Yes, exactly. That would solve the problem.
E.g. a menu item Window->Recently Closed->...



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