[wingide-users] Search-Replace (with Case-preservation)

Alex Linden alexanderhlinden at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 16:00:23 MDT 2009


I am trying to do a search-replace on about 30 files with ca 300 occurences
of machine or Machine or theMachine or machineStatus
and all of these shall be transformed into automat or Automat or theAutomat
or automatStatus.

I was hoping to get this EMACS-like feature that replaces all these
occurances with case-preserved.

How is that possible - my search on this list was not so fruitful so far. If
this is not implemented, than please Team add this to your list! I have
several dozens of more of those refactorings on my list - and currently the
refactoring of WING seems really not good. (I come from Visual Studio which
has outstanding refactoring support).

thanks for your help.

Alexander Linden
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