[wingide-users] Feature request: how many replaces?

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Tue Jul 21 17:13:08 MDT 2009

Jonathan March wrote:
> After a "Replace All", it would be helpful to do as some editors do 
> and display on the status line how many replacements were made.
+1 on both these requests.

Michael Foord

> Even nicer (a longtime wishlist item for me on other editors) would be 
> to keep a running total of the number of replacements made with the 
> current search/replace pair, and display both it and the number 
> replaced with the most recent Replace or Replace All command. 
> Rationale:one often does a few "Replace" commands to make sure that 
> it's working as desired before clicking Replace All. But one still 
> wants to confirm the total number of replacements made.
> Thanks!
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