[wingide-users] script to toggle vertical tools <=> editor split

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Tue Jul 21 14:41:39 MDT 2009

Lakshman Prasad wrote:
> I have been using Ctrl-f12 split and un-split manually. This should be 
> helpful. 
> Is there a similar script for non-default windowing scheme. The one with 
> text editor separated from the tools window.

This will do it:

def toggle_toolbox_separate():
     """Toggle between moving the toolboxes to a separate window and
     the default single-window mode"""
     app = wingapi.gApplication
     import guimgr.prefs
     if app.GetPreference(guimgr.prefs.kWindowingPolicy) == 'combined-window':
       app.SetPreference(guimgr.prefs.kWindowingPolicy, 'separate-toolbox-window')
       app.SetPreference(guimgr.prefs.kWindowingPolicy, 'combined-window')


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