[wingide-users] unicode problem?

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Sun Jul 19 21:58:15 MDT 2009

I have a text-manipulation app that works fine with normal text  
files.  If the user wants to use a Word file, the app requires that it  
be saved as straight text first.  (I am not trying to convert from  
undocumented Word format!)

Now I'm trying to use it with non-English, non-Roman text (modern  
Greek, in fact).  I can't get as far as testing whether the app itself  
will deal properly with this text, because I can't find a way to make  
the text available as "straight text."

In Word I can open save the file as UTF-16 or RTF.  Either of these  
displays properly in BBedit.  Neither of them (nor the UTF-8 versions  
with or without BOM that I can make with Save As from BBedit) will  
display properly in my app.

So aside from the quirks (to be kind) of Microsoft Word, it seems  
likely that I'm doing something wrong in my app with regard to Unicode  
strings.  I'm using the Unicode version of wxPython for my GUI, I  
think I'm treating all strings as Unicode within the app . . .

In other words, I don't know where to look.  Maybe I should be posting  
this to the Pythonmac-SIG list instead?  I don't even know that.   
Thanks for any advice!

Charles Hartman

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