[wingide-users] script to toggle vertical tools <=> editor split

Jonathan March JDM at MarchRay.net
Thu Jul 16 19:36:11 MDT 2009

Since I still have only one monitor, I have found myself going back and
forth between a left-right editor split, and a single editor panel with the
vertical tools panel, using 3 different key bindings. The following script
defines a new command vertical-toggle, to do this. It can be bound to a
single key.

import wingapi

def vertical_toggle():
    'toggle: left-right editor split, vs one editor plus vertical tools'
    # If editor is split, unsplit it and show the vertical tools panel.
    # Otherwise, hide the vertical tools and split the editor left-right
    # Assumes default windowing policy (combined toolbox & editor windows.)
    app = wingapi.gApplication
    state = app.GetVisualState(style='tools-and-editors')
    ed_states = state['windows'][0]['view']['primary_view_state']\
    split = not isinstance(ed_states,dict)
    if split:
        app.ExecuteCommand('unsplit', action='current')
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