[wingide-users] WingIDE doesn't always start on OS X

Chloe Lewis chlewis at nature.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 16 14:40:21 MDT 2009

Every so often, WingIDE.app simply doesn't start. X11 starts, and this  
appears in the console log:

Thu, Jul 16 1:35:02 PM org.x.startx[1363] AllocNewConnection: client  
index = 5, socket fd = 18

but Wing itself isn't running. Upgrading (reinstalling) Wing fixed it  
once, but now it's gone again. Anyone else seen this? What doesn't it  
like? Upgrading Python, or running ipython, or a change in humidity,  
or what?

Chloe Lewis

Graduate student, Amundson Lab
Division of Ecosystem Sciences, ESPM
University of California, Berkeley
137 Mulford Hall - #3114
Berkeley, CA  94720-3114
chlewis at nature.berkeley.edu

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