[wingide-users] feature request - variable indentation per file type

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Jul 16 09:16:39 MDT 2009

Tim Kersten wrote:
> Personally I edit a lot of HTML files as part of my projects, and 
> although other editors are more suited for this, it's mostly sufficient 
> to use Wing. However, due to the large amount of nesting that's often 
> necessary in HTML, using python's typical 4 spaces means a lot of 
> horizontal scrolling. It would be nice to customize the level of 
> indentation on a per file type basis.

We probably will add per file type indent sizes, but Wing is designed to 
match whatever existing indent size (the pref is only used for new 
files) so just indent the first line 2 spaces in an html file and Wing 
will 2 spaces for the rest of the file.



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