[wingide-users] Request help in finding & keeping the focus & cursor

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Jul 16 08:41:23 MDT 2009

Jonathan March wrote:
> 1. Sometimes it is quite difficult to determine which editor or tool has 
> focus. The tab for the top file or tool in each panel has the same 
> colored edge strip whether or not that panel has focus.
> ...
> It would help if the tab which has focus was more vehemently colored 
> (perhaps the whole tab, not just the edge strip.)
> It would also help if that panel's border was emphasized, or some other 
> method used to quickly draw one's gaze to the panel which has focus.

This is properly a theme issue and different themes may do things 
differently but we may be able to do something to help here -- perhaps 
bold the title of the tab if it as the focus.

> 2. One reason that I sometimes lose track of which panel I'm in is that 
> pressing "escape" from a tool panel causes it to lose focus and an 
> editor panel to gain focus. But there are other reasons to press escape 
> from a tool panel, like dismissing a pop-up selection list. If one 
> inadvertently presses escape again, one is lost. I would appreciate an 
> option to disable this function of the escape key.

We'll look into adding this option.  BTW, escape works this way as an 
easy way to get back to the editor.

> 3. In an related issue: it can be difficult to find the cursor within an 
> editor. Some (other) editors have an option to place a very thin border 
> around thecurrent line. I find this useful.

The line the caret is on may be highlighted via the caret line highlight 
preference (in Editor -> Caret) in Wing 3.2.



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