[wingide-users] Request help in finding & keeping the focus & cursor

Jonathan March JDM at MarchRay.net
Wed Jul 15 18:10:47 MDT 2009

1. Sometimes it is quite difficult to determine which editor or tool has
focus. The tab for the top file or tool in each panel has the same colored
edge strip whether or not that panel has focus.

I suppose that if one is working mostly with the mouse, this is not a big
deal, because you would just click where you wanted to work.

But working mostly with the keyboard, I frequently find myself typing into
an editor when I'd intended to type into a tool, etc.

It would help if the tab which has focus was more vehemently colored
(perhaps the whole tab, not just the edge strip.)
It would also help if that panel's border was emphasized, or some other
method used to quickly draw one's gaze to the panel which has focus.

2. One reason that I sometimes lose track of which panel I'm in is that
pressing "escape" from a tool panel causes it to lose focus and an editor
panel to gain focus. But there are other reasons to press escape from a tool
panel, like dismissing a pop-up selection list. If one inadvertently presses
escape again, one is lost. I would appreciate an option to disable this
function of the escape key.

3. In an related issue: it can be difficult to find the cursor within an
editor. Some (other) editors have an option to place a very thin border
around thecurrent line. I find this useful.

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