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J. Cliff Dyer jcd at sdf.lonestar.org
Mon Jul 13 08:12:44 MDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-07-13 at 05:40 -0700, Eric F wrote:
> Hi, I know there are messages on this list saying that tkinter works, but it won't work for me on wing 101 3.0.  Even something as simple as:
> from Tkinter import *
> tk = Tk()
> btn = Button(tk, text="click me")
> btn.pack()
> won't run as debug, run or directly entered into the shell. (I also can't get matlibplot to run, which I assume is because it uses tkinter.)

You'll need to provide more details if you want to get help with that
issue.  First of all, what does "won't work" mean?  Does it silently
exit?  Does it give you an stack trace?  What does the stack trace say?
Does it work outside of Wing?  If not, why not ask on comp.lang.python
(a.k.a. python-list at python.org)?

> thanks,
> Eric
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