[wingide-users] Winging on a netbook?

Johannes Mockenhaupt johannes.mockenhaupt at gmx.de
Thu Jul 9 13:45:23 MDT 2009

> I'm giving some thought to buying a netbook.  I haven't settled
> on exact specs yet.  Has anybody tried running Wing on one?
> Is it frustrating?
> [...]

I tried Wing on a 8.9" netbook (Acer Aspire One, 1.6Ghz Atom, 1024x600).
For me it was too little screen real estate, but if you're okay with
scrolling a lot, or mostly writing code rather than navigate much you
might be okay. Just resize the Wing window to 1024x600 pixels and try if
that works for you.

To my surprise the Atom CPU didn't become a bottleneck; code completion
works without relevant lag. Wing startup and debugger startup is
noticably slower but still okay. Even worked with an external 1280x1024
monitor connected without becoming slow.

There are netbooks with good keyboards you can touch type on but I
wouldn't recommend it for longer periods of time, as it put more strain
on my hands. Before purchase I'd recommend checking the keyboard layout,
some have the <>| key in a non-standard place or the right shift  is
right of the right cursor key which can be really frustrating.

In the end, I ditched mine in favour of a 13.3" notebook with a full
size keyboard. It's fun (and geeky) to code on a netbook for a bit, but
for extensive coding I'll take a notebook.

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