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John Fawcett fawcett at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 18:53:32 MDT 2009

Tom, an amazing answer, thank you.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 11:14 AM, Tom Stambaugh <tms at zeetix.com> wrote:

> Some observations from my own experience (your mileage may vary):
> 1. Breakpoints are maintained in the project files. Sometimes doing a "save
> project", then "close project", then "load project" helps.
> 2. In "Wing IDE Professional", v 3.1.8-1 (rev 19913) (the version I use),
> use the "Debug --> Clear Ignored Exceptions" menu pick to roll back your
> "ignore this location" selections. Then try saving, closing, and re-opening
> the project.
> 3. Breakpoints in the current project are enumerated in the "Breakpoints"
> tab of the "Tool Box" window. With that tab selected, the right-button menu
> includes commands to remove individual breakpoints and also remove all
> breakpoints. This is another time to save, close, and re-open the project.
> 4. Breakpoint handling of "finally:" clauses can be surprising when
> handling raised exceptions, especially if several are nested. I say
> "surprising", because I often have to step the debugger through clauses that
> I didn't expect in order to get back to code in the specific "except:"
> clause that I'm looking for.
> In the past, caching of projects has sometimes caused problems like this
> (hence my ritual of saving/closing/re-opening projects). Most of these have
> been fixed by now, but perhaps you've uncovered another one.
> Older versions of Wing sometimes had problems when several subclasses had
> polymorphic method implementations with similar or identical signatures. The
> debugger sometimes showed the wrong method implementation, so that setting a
> breakpoint within that "source" code had no apparent effect. I haven't seen
> this problem in while now after Wing fixed it, but you may have encountered
> another hidden (and therefore unfixed) manifestation.
> Breakpoints in multi-threaded or cgi apps have sometimes been problematic,
> especially under mod_python. Again, most of these have been fixed (there
> were some race conditions), but who knows what magic the Google code might
> be doing :-).
> Hope this helps...
> Tom S.
> John Fawcett wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm working with the latest wing, developing for google appengine 1.2.3.
>> I am having a lot of trouble with breakpoints - basically the debugger
>> will
>> just stop hitting breakpoints. In addition, breaking on exceptions seems
>> to
>> halt. I can't attribute it to any trigger. Even restarting the ide doesn't
>> seem to revive the breakpoints reliably. The only thing I have been trying
>> to use for the first time is the exception handling management features,
>> to
>> ignore certain locations. Is there anyway to just roll back all the
>> "ignore
>> this location" selections I've made?
>> I'm sorry for the vagueness of this description; I'm at wit's end.
>> thanks,
>> fawce
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