[wingide-users] breakpoints and breaking on exceptions

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Tue Jul 7 09:14:00 MDT 2009

Some observations from my own experience (your mileage may vary):

1. Breakpoints are maintained in the project files. Sometimes doing a 
"save project", then "close project", then "load project" helps.

2. In "Wing IDE Professional", v 3.1.8-1 (rev 19913) (the version I 
use), use the "Debug --> Clear Ignored Exceptions" menu pick to roll 
back your "ignore this location" selections. Then try saving, closing, 
and re-opening the project.

3. Breakpoints in the current project are enumerated in the 
"Breakpoints" tab of the "Tool Box" window. With that tab selected, the 
right-button menu includes commands to remove individual breakpoints and 
also remove all breakpoints. This is another time to save, close, and 
re-open the project.

4. Breakpoint handling of "finally:" clauses can be surprising when 
handling raised exceptions, especially if several are nested. I say 
"surprising", because I often have to step the debugger through clauses 
that I didn't expect in order to get back to code in the specific 
"except:" clause that I'm looking for.

In the past, caching of projects has sometimes caused problems like this 
(hence my ritual of saving/closing/re-opening projects). Most of these 
have been fixed by now, but perhaps you've uncovered another one.

Older versions of Wing sometimes had problems when several subclasses 
had polymorphic method implementations with similar or identical 
signatures. The debugger sometimes showed the wrong method 
implementation, so that setting a breakpoint within that "source" code 
had no apparent effect. I haven't seen this problem in while now after 
Wing fixed it, but you may have encountered another hidden (and 
therefore unfixed) manifestation.

Breakpoints in multi-threaded or cgi apps have sometimes been 
problematic, especially under mod_python. Again, most of these have been 
fixed (there were some race conditions), but who knows what magic the 
Google code might be doing :-).

Hope this helps...
Tom S.

John Fawcett wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working with the latest wing, developing for google appengine 1.2.3.
> I am having a lot of trouble with breakpoints - basically the debugger will
> just stop hitting breakpoints. In addition, breaking on exceptions seems to
> halt. I can't attribute it to any trigger. Even restarting the ide doesn't
> seem to revive the breakpoints reliably. The only thing I have been trying
> to use for the first time is the exception handling management features, to
> ignore certain locations. Is there anyway to just roll back all the "ignore
> this location" selections I've made?
> I'm sorry for the vagueness of this description; I'm at wit's end.
> thanks,
> fawce
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