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Thu Jul 2 11:37:46 MDT 2009

Jonathan March wrote:
> Indent guides: sometimes they are very helpful, other times a PITA. Some 
> tentative suggestions:
> 1. Implement a "toggle-indent-guides" command. Now, it is necessary to 
> bind and remember two separate keys (for hide- and show-), when one key 
> would be less key-greedy and easier to remember. (I understand that 
> separate hide- and show- commands can be useful in some scripts.)

This is slightly obscure but if you add a key binding and the command is
the following you get what you want:

show-indent-guides, hide-indent-guides

> 2. The help describes indent guides as "light vertical lines." It would 
> be nice if that were true. What they actually are on my system (WinXP) 
> is a dotted (7-dot) vertical line, which is much more visually 
> distracting than a faint gray solid line would be. YMMV but at least an 
> option? (Ideally this would be color-configurable.)

Agreed.  I'll look into improving this.

> 3.  Oddly, the File Properties -> Editor Tab has options for "Use 
> Preference Setting" and "Always Show" but no choice for "Never Show"! If 
> one generally prefers indent guides but wanted sometimes to turn them 
> off (and didn't want to do a key binding), one would be out of luck.

True, this seems to have been designed solely for the case of usually
having them off but turning them on for some things.  Not quite sure
why it's like that... I've added this to our bug list.



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