[wingide-users] Wing Debugger dies on (semi-) long running process

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jul 1 08:40:48 MDT 2009

Chris Bergstresser wrote:
>    Here's another problem I'm having with the debugger.  I've got a
> subprocess (using Popen) which takes about 40 seconds to complete.  I
> call it like so:
>         try:
>             print 'START'
>             p = Popen(my_args)
>             self.out, self.err = p.communicate()
>             print 'FINISH'
>         except:
>             print 'EXCEPTION'
>             raise
>    ... this works fine outside the debugger.  It works in the debugger
> with faster processes (as in, 2 seconds).  But inside the debugger, it
> prints "START", starts the subprocess, then exits within 1 second.
> Doesn't print "FINISH", doesn't print "EXCEPTION", the debugger just
> exits.  The subprocess continues running for 40 seconds, until it
> exits normally.
>    Any ideas what's going on, here?

Try collecting a debug-side log by setting the preference
Debugger / Advanced / Debug Internals Log File.  Send that to
support at wingware dot com and it may tell us what is going on.

Also, let us know what version of Wing you're using.



Stephan Deibel
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