[wingide-users] For Mac Users -- XQuartz

Michael Burton mike at niskala.org
Thu Jan 29 17:15:53 MST 2009

Hi Mac users,

I just noticed that XQuartz has updated apple's X11 server to  
(the one apple ships with Leopard is 2.3.1 I believe) .  It seems to  
fix a number of weird behaviors I've noticed with Wing, such as:

tooltips appear when wing is in background
weird issues with dialogs popping up at inopportune times when using  
the external tools layout
problems with copy/paste when using a clipboard manager such as Jumpcut
fix occasional "stuck keys" when switching between apps

All in all, it seems like a vast improvement.  However, there's one  
change that seems to have dramatically changed the way that Wing  
displays.  From the release notes:

"Default dpi reported is now 96 instead of 75"

When you first load wing in the fonts will all appear HUGE.   
To switch back, run the following in Terminal (from the FAQ):

defaults write org.x.X11 dpi -int 75


PS. Wingware folks, I'm not sure what motivated the Quartz guys to  
make this change, but you might want to consider updating your  
defaults under 2.3.2 or later to compensate, because the app looks  
absolutely terrible at the new resolution.

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