[wingide-users] Searching Files

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Jan 29 16:29:01 MST 2009

Mike Shepanski wrote:
> Two quick questions regarding search:
> 1.) Is there a hotkey to bring up Search? I must be missing the obvious 
> place for it.

This varies by keyboard personality, but ctrl-F brings up the search 
tool in several of them.

> 2.) In the search textbox (as well as others) I have no cursor bar 
> showing where in the textbox I am.  This is rather annoying and has been 
> happening for me since I started using Wing a year ago, but never 
> thought to ask about it.  I basically have to guess where I am typing, 
> which becomes very hard when I want to only change a spelling mistake or 
> change my search slightly.  Any incite on this would be helpful. :)

I don't see this problem.  Could you submit a bug report from within 
Wing with the error-log attached?  This will give us more information 
about your system.



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