[wingide-users] Enhancement: Source Browser follows selection in Edit Window

Wayne Cannon wayne.cannon at cyanoptics.com
Thu Jan 29 11:00:09 MST 2009

I would like to suggest that Wing IDE's Source Browser be enhanced with 
an option to allow it to follow the selection in the Edit panel, i.e., 
as you move from method to method, class to class, or file to file, have 
the Source Browser move to the corresponding location.

This has at least the following two advantages:

    -- The Source Browser provides significantly more context than the 
spin-buttons at the top of the edit panel, and it is very convenient to 
have that context follow the selection in the Edit panel.

    -- If the Source Browser follows the selection in the Edit window, 
it provides a very convenient navigation aid, since most navigation is 
to other locations in or near the same context as that in the Edit panel.


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