[wingide-users] Feature requests: Source code navigation etc.

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Wed Jan 28 16:13:15 MST 2009

Dietmar Schwertberger wrote:
> I've been using Wing IDE for some weeks now. Really a nice piece of 
> software, even though it's not feeling 100% native on Windows.
> Had been programming Python without debugger for twelve years (except 
> pdb.pm()). It's really nice to have a good debugger, especially with GUI 
> development (wxPython).

Glad to hear it's useful!

> The pop-ups for navigation at the top of a source window are by default 
> scrolled to the current class/function/method. So with large files I 
> often see only a small part of the full list and need to wait until it 
> scrolls and I can select the destination.
> Would be good if the whole list would be visible (if it fits on the 
> screen). In addition / at least it would be good, if pressing a 
> character key like X would scroll to the definitions starting with X (a 
> second press could navigate to _X)

Yes, we can probably do better for large files.  In particular, we need
to fix the sometimes-screwy initial scroll position and perhaps add
multiple columns or some other way of selecting from larger lists when

> When clicking with Ctrl on a method, I often get "Could not find 
> definition of...".
> Would be nice, if as plan B there would be a pop-up listing all 
> definitions with the same name in the same or all open files.

Good idea... though I would also like it if Goto-defn always just
worked! (yes, this is hard in Python ;-)

Note that Find Symbol in the Source menu may be useful sometimes,
and this is what I'm tending to use (via its key binding) instead
of the source index menus in large files.

> When I run the debugger for a console application, it would be nice if 
> the Debug I/O window would be higlighted somehow to see that it has the 
> input focus.
> Would be even nicer if I could configure the debug properties to:
>  - open a normal console window (if the application expects inputs,
>    I prefer a real console window)
>  - set input focus to the console or Debug I/O window automatically

Yes, we should add an option to auto-show the debug i/o area.  You can
already set Wing up to use a normal console Window, however.  This is
controlled with the Debugger / I/O / Use External Consoles and related

Thanks for the suggestions!


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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