[wingide-users] Making new files

Rod Morison rod at morison.biz
Wed Jan 28 14:41:33 MST 2009

I 2nd that notion, and raise it: What viz studio (& many others) do is 
good: right click on a project browser folder, then bring up a new file 
dialog pre-nav'd to that folder. Going beyond that would include:

-a list of file types: .py, .html, .kid, .txt, ...
-a "new directory" right click option

Fyi, the File->New menu doesn't need to autosave...creating a "scratch" 
file and using Save As... is the right behavior there (along with 
offering to save any unsaved on Debug or Exit).

New Project: it's rare to create a new "scratch" project. IMO all New 
Project commands should bring up a file dialog to place the wpr file.

Philip Gatt wrote:
> I think WingIDE can improve the ease of creating new files in a 
> project. I would like the ability to right-click a directory in my 
> project panel and be able to create a file. Currently, we can "Add 
> File", but that is just to add existing files.
> To create new files, I only see 2 methods:
> 1) Click "File Menu > New". Then save the file, and specify the path. 
> It defaults to the root of my project, so if the file needs to go a 
> few directories deep, it takes a bit of typing.
> 2) Create file outside of WingIDE. Unfortunately, this is what I 
> usually resort to because it seems to be the fastest for me.
> Am I missing something? The right click feature I mentioned above 
> would be very convenient.
> Thanks,
> Philip Gatt
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