[wingide-users] Feature requests: Source code navigation etc.

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at schwertberger.de
Wed Jan 28 13:13:01 MST 2009


I've been using Wing IDE for some weeks now. Really a nice piece of 
software, even though it's not feeling 100% native on Windows.
Had been programming Python without debugger for twelve years (except 
pdb.pm()). It's really nice to have a good debugger, especially with GUI 
development (wxPython).

Some requests/ideas, though:

The pop-ups for navigation at the top of a source window are by default 
scrolled to the current class/function/method. So with large files I 
often see only a small part of the full list and need to wait until it 
scrolls and I can select the destination.
Would be good if the whole list would be visible (if it fits on the 
screen). In addition / at least it would be good, if pressing a 
character key like X would scroll to the definitions starting with X (a 
second press could navigate to _X)

When clicking with Ctrl on a method, I often get "Could not find 
definition of...".
Would be nice, if as plan B there would be a pop-up listing all 
definitions with the same name in the same or all open files.

When I run the debugger for a console application, it would be nice if 
the Debug I/O window would be higlighted somehow to see that it has the 
input focus.
Would be even nicer if I could configure the debug properties to:
  - open a normal console window (if the application expects inputs,
    I prefer a real console window)
  - set input focus to the console or Debug I/O window automatically



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