[wingide-users] Follow-up: Escape Key doesn't close dialogs on OS X

Michael Burton mike at niskala.org
Wed Jan 28 12:22:43 MST 2009

This is a follow up to an older email (October 13 by pfein) regarding  
dialog boxes that won't close on Leopard OS X.

I've been able to reproduce this reliably for 10.5.6 using XQuartz  

First, create a new project using any random python source (I tried  
this with two different source trees).
Using the "Open from Project" dialog (cmd-shift-O), type the first few  
chars of a known filename.
Hit escape and the dialog will disappear.
Use the Open from Project dialog again, this time keep typing  
characters until there are no results in the dialog.
Hit escape, and the dialog will refuse to disappear.

I've verified that the "Find Symbol" dialog (cmd-shift-T) also does  
the same thing.

Perhaps there are others as well, but those are the most egregious  
offenders for my use case.


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