[wingide-users] Can't get Wing IDE to work with Zope3

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Thu Jan 22 16:54:11 MST 2009

on 13-1-2009 16:31 Wingware Support wrote:
> Roger Erens wrote:
>> do you have some updated instructions available for using Wing IDE 
>> with a Zope3 instance that was created in a buildout process (in my 
>> case, Grok is being used)?
> It sounds like z3wingdbg won't work, but you may not really need it either.
> Wing can scan the main file created by buildout (w/ sys.path changes) to
> determine what the PYTHONPATH should be, so you should be able to debug by
> setting that file as the Main Debug File in Wing (open it and use Set 
> Current
> as Main Debug File in the Debug menu).  

I could get WingIDE to work with Grok when grokproject (now in 1.0alpha 
stage) installs the paster command. I started wing3.1 from within my 
virtual environment.
In the newly created project, I set 
<myvirtualenv>/<mygrokproject>/bin/paster as the Main Debug File. In my 
project properties I set the initial directory custom to 
<myvirtualenv>/<mygrokproject>. I start debugging by passing the 
parameters "serve etc/deploy.ini".

But I have a project that still has to use the 'old-style' zopectl 
script to start the server. In that case, I set 
<myvirtualenv>/<myoldstylegrokproject>/bin/zopectl as the Main Debug 
File. Initial directory is set to 
<myvirtualenv>/<myoldstylegrokproject>. Now passing the parameter "fg", 
as I would do when starting the server from the console, lets WingIDE 
start the server, but the debugger is not 'attached' (I think?): setting 
breakpoints seems to have no effect, the server just keeps running. I 
can only stop the server from within the web application.

This is the output in the Debug I/O tab:
/home/roger/grokenv/h2/parts/app/runzope -C 
2009-01-23T00:38:22 INFO root -- HTTP:localhost:8080 Server started.
	Hostname: localhost
	Port: 8080
2009-01-23T00:38:23 INFO root Startup time: 3.881 sec real, 3.790 sec CPU

I don't know which other value to pass when starting the debugger.
Or should I use another file as the Main Debug File?
<myvirtualenv>/<myoldstylegrokproject>/parts/app/runzope perhaps?

Any help appreciated,


> This does mean that you will be debugging all of the Zope3 instance 
> (starting
> from line 1) whereas z3wingdbg would debug only invocations to a certain 
> "debug"
> http port (which is why it was creating a separate twisted server).  But 
> most
> likely that is fine for most things.
> Note that you may also need to set some of the Project Properties -- 
> such as
> pointing Wing to the right Python Executable to use (presumably the one 
> that
> comes w/ Zope3, or that Zope3 was built against).
> Please let me know if that doesn't help.
> Thanks,

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