[wingide-users] Integrating Wing with Plone 3.1.7 (buildout)

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Wed Jan 21 08:01:16 MST 2009

David Little wrote:
> I've installed Plone 3.1.7 on my Windows XP machine using the 
> Buildout-based installer on plone.org <http://plone.org>.
> I'm not sure how to integrate this with Wing -- when I set my project up 
> I'm asked for my Zope Instance home (c:\plone317\parts\instance\etc 
> which contains the zope.conf) file -- I get the following error:
> Initial directory " does not exist
> - Zope2 installation directory could not be read from 
> ZOPEINST/etc/zope.conf or does not exist -- using 
> 'c:\plone317\parts\instance\etc'
> - Zope2 instance directory 'c:\plone317\parts\instance\etc' missing 
> expected 'Products' subdirectory
> - Zope2 home directory 'c:\plone317\parts\instance\etc' (obtained from 
> etc/zope.conf in the Zope Instance) appears invalid -- missing expected 
> directories and files
> I've created a "products" directory under c:\plone317 and specified the 
> location in my buildout.cfg file.

Wing 3.1.6 with patch 1 should fix this (do "Check for Updates" from the
Help menu), or just upgrade to Wing v. 3.1.7, which was released yesterday.
The matching version numbers is coincidental, BTW.

This was caused by a change in the layout of directories in the "experimental
buildout" version of Plone on Windows.

Please let me if that does not help.


Stephan Deibel
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