[wingide-users] Integrating Wing with Plone 3.1.7 (buildout)

David Little david at littled.net
Wed Jan 21 05:19:57 MST 2009

I've installed Plone 3.1.7 on my Windows XP machine using the Buildout-based
installer on plone.org.

I'm not sure how to integrate this with Wing -- when I set my project up I'm
asked for my Zope Instance home (c:\plone317\parts\instance\etc which
contains the zope.conf) file -- I get the following error:

Initial directory " does not exist

- Zope2 installation directory could not be read from ZOPEINST/etc/zope.conf
or does not exist -- using 'c:\plone317\parts\instance\etc'
- Zope2 instance directory 'c:\plone317\parts\instance\etc' missing expected
'Products' subdirectory
- Zope2 home directory 'c:\plone317\parts\instance\etc' (obtained from
etc/zope.conf in the Zope Instance) appears invalid -- missing expected
directories and files

I've created a "products" directory under c:\plone317 and specified the
location in my buildout.cfg file.

Under "Environment" in the project properties I've set my Python Executable


and Python Path to: c:\plone317\python\

Is there any way to integrate Wing with a buildout-based Plone install?

David Little
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