[wingide-users] wing unittests und plone

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Mon Jan 12 09:45:40 MST 2009

Wingware Support schrieb:
> robert rottermann wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I would like to run plones unit_tests using wing.
>> how can can I do that.
>> from the console I would call the test suite like:
>> bin/ instance test -s module_to_test
>> how do I run these tests in wing?
> Are these regular unit tests?  If so, you should be able to add them
> in the Testing tool in Wing (right click and then Add Files From Project
> or Add Single File).
> You may need to set up some environment for the tests, which you can do
> by right clicking on a test and using File Properties on via the project-
> wide Project Properties.
> I'm not that familiar w/ Plone and it may be that there is custom setup
> in the script you're invoking, but hopefully at the core they are normal
> unit tests of one type or another (we support unittest, doctest, and nose
> style tests).
thanks for your answer.
the problem is, that zope and plone must have been started (somehow)
since much of the environment is setup dynamically.
its startup script looks something like:


exec "$PYTHON" "$ZOPE_RUN" -C "$CONFIG_FILE" "$@"

when this script is started with a "test" parameter, insted of starting
zope/plone the test are run.
so it would be nice, if the last line could be replaced with:
exec "$WING" "$ZOPE_RUN" -C "$CONFIG_FILE" "$@"


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