[wingide-users] Suggestions for editor tabs

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Sat Jan 10 14:35:50 MST 2009

I'd like to suggest a couple of improvements for the editor tabs:

- When two edit windows are open (i.e. after a 'Split Side by Side') I'd like 
the notebook tabs to be independent. A different set of tabs for each pane.
I tend to keep certain tabs open on left and certain ones on right. Aids in the 
brain remembering a spacial position for each file.

- Provide some selectable limit on the number of tabs that can be open at one 
time. Either a) a hard set limit of no more than X tabs can be open at once; or 
b) no more tabs than will fit above the editor pane can be open at once (i.e. 
all must be visible). When too many have opened the oldest one would 
automatically drop out of the list.


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