[wingide-users] Bizarre import problem

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Jan 8 08:46:05 MST 2009

Stephen Hansen wrote:

> I find this perplexing, since I can "import Queue" from the Python Shell 
> within Wing and outside of it, and its a standard module and all. I'm 
> using threads in a few places because certain bzr actions take quite 
> awhile to finish, so I'm setting up a queue and using InstallTask to 
> check it periodically from wing to report success once the task is done.

Wing uses its own private installation of Python internally, which does 
not include the Queue module since Wing does not use it.  Also, Wing is 
implemented as a single threaded application so we suggest using 
AsyncExecuteCommandLine and timeouts to monitor subprocesses.



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