[wingide-users] Testing out extending Wing IDE

Stephen Hansen apt.shansen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 17:56:42 MST 2009

> Now, since my next question was -- "How best would I go about creating a
>> new project from an old one?" I'm wondering if I should approach this as a
>> non-API problem... and just create a _template.wpr and copy it as a physical
>> file when I make a branch and then just open it that way.
> This is probably a better approach, even if / when save-project-as takes an
> argument.  Project files store filenames relative to their location so
> putting them into version control and checking out / branching copies works.
>  You may want to use share projects to put some of the frequently changing
> state data in a .wpu file.  Note also that .wpr / .wpu files are text files
> so could be modified outside of Wing.

Thanks, this approach did end up working better for me.

I don't quite understand the implications of using share projects instead of
regular ones, I did some basic fiddling and at a glance it appears to store
the directories in the wpr and everything else in wpu. I'm not sure just why
that might be preferable.


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