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Wed Jan 7 09:12:49 MST 2009

DICAD - Rex Turnbull wrote:
> check the manual 3.2.3 Key Equivalents. From there you can find the 
> keymap.* files that contain the initial settings. For me they are in 
> "C:\Programme\Wing IDE 3.1". Any overrides you make are in your 
> preferences file (mine is in "C:\Dokumente und 
> Einstellungen\progr\Anwendungsdaten\Wing IDE 3") and listed in
> gui.keymap-override = {'Ctrl-Q': 'comment-block-toggle'} (I only have one).
> Hello Wing Folks: I do think it would be a nice enhancement if there 
> were a command in the help-menu 'Show current key bindings' that would 
> comb the preferences and keymap files and show the current result in the 
> main editor window.

I've already added key binding docs and improved the command docs in the Wing
3.2 source base, but stopped short of adding a tool in the Help menu.  I do
think we'll add that eventually but the improved docs should help a lot.

(And no, sorry, I don't yet have a release date for that as there are still
some thorny issues to work out in the 3.2 code that make estimating fraught
with peril ;-)


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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