[wingide-users] Testing out extending Wing IDE

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jan 7 08:48:08 MST 2009

Stephen Hansen wrote:
> Namely, some workflow automation and bazaar integration -- but I'm not 
> asking for Wingware to actually provide bazaar support. I only do a 
> subset of bzr tasks and do them in a very specific way, so am more then 
> happy to do that integration myself. If the API can support what I need.

Note that 3.2 will have basic bazaar support, but it probably will be 
too basic for your purposes.

> The first thing I'm working on is a "branch" command; for this I want it 
> show me a list of current branches/trunks that I have downloaded, and 
> let me type in a name of a branch to make from the selected existing 
> one. That's easy enough. But what I want it to also do is create a new 
> project for this branch that I'm working on. The way I end up working on 
> this, its better for me if each branch was its own project.
> That I'm running into problems with. Like so:
>     app.ExecuteCommand("new-project")
>     app.ExecuteCommand("save-project-as", "/dev/projects/%s.wpr" % 
> (destination,))
> save-project-as on the command documentation doesn't say that it takes 
> any arguments, and with trial and error it doesn't appear to accept one.

It probably take an argument, we'll look into adding one.

> Now, since my next question was -- "How best would I go about creating a 
> new project from an old one?" I'm wondering if I should approach this as 
> a non-API problem... and just create a _template.wpr and copy it as a 
> physical file when I make a branch and then just open it that way.

This is probably a better approach, even if / when save-project-as takes 
an argument.  Project files store filenames relative to their location 
so putting them into version control and checking out / branching copies 
works.  You may want to use share projects to put some of the frequently 
changing state data in a .wpu file.  Note also that .wpr / .wpu files 
are text files so could be modified outside of Wing.



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