[wingide-users] Heavy disk usage with a Plone project

Chris Rossi chris at christophermrossi.com
Wed Jan 7 07:56:13 MST 2009

Hello, I've been using Wing on a couple of other projects but in the last
couple of days I'm trying it with a Plone project for the first time.  The
main thing I'm noticing so far is there is a huge amount of disk access
which really bogs down thte rest of my machine.  After ~20 minutes or so it
usually calms down but if I restart Wing it starts all over again.  What I
assume is happening is it's parsing all of the python it can get its hands
on, which for Plone, is quite a lot.  I'm using omelette, so via
"parts/omelette" Wing is going to hit all 1 million+ lines of code.  I guess
what would be nice, though, is if Wing could cache this data somewhere so I
didn't need to rebuild it every time I start Wing.  I can live with and
understand an initialization tax the first time it sees a project, but every
time I open Wing gets old.

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