[wingide-users] wing not playing nicely with Gnome cut-and-paste?

Chris Curvey chris at chriscurvey.com
Fri Feb 27 17:42:20 MST 2009

am I missing something?  I thought this used to work.

1) Edit a file in Wing
2) highlight a patch of code.
3) go to an xterm window and try to paste with the middle mouse button

Nothing is happening for me, but if I do this:

1) Edit file in Wing
2) Highlight a patch of code
3) use Edit->Copy
4) Fire up gedit
5) on gedit, use Edit->Paste (now the stuff is pasted in gedit)
6) highlight the code in gedit
7) middle-mouse in xterm

it works.

wing 3.1.6-1, Ubuntu Intrepid

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