[wingide-users] HTML export of the code

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Mon Feb 23 18:44:13 MST 2009

Lakshman Prasad wrote:
> Is there anyway I can export the syntax highlighted Wing-IDE code into HTML?
> I was not able to figure if there was.
> Visual Studio has such an option, infact, even SciTE, a Text editor has 
> that option.

Wing doesn't have this built in but as Chris Curvey pointed out you can
do it with pygments (albeit with different colors/etc).  It should be
possible to either write a script for Wing to do this (by invoking a
sub-process running pygments via the ExecuteCommandLine API call;
see http://wingware.com/doc/scripting for details on scripting Wing)
or probably easier would be simply to use the OS Commands tool, which
is documented here: http://wingware.com/doc/oscommands


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