[wingide-users] Cannot execute: waiting for shell to restart.

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Thu Feb 12 19:03:17 MST 2009

Skyblues wrote:
> I am demoing the WingIDE Pro version. I bring up WingIDE and see the
> following in the interactive "Python Shell" area. 
> "Cannot execute: waiting for shell to restart."
> I execute the "restart shell" option and I get the following error:
> "The debug process never connected back to Wing IDE:  Aborting debug session    
> See Trouble-shooting Failure to Debug in the users manual."
> I have Enthough Python 2.5 and ActiveState Python 2.6 installed in
> "D:\Development\Python25" and "D:\Development\Python26" respectively. I have
> manually pointed to the Python executable for both Python versions in the
> Project Properties.
> I am running WingIDE 3.1.1-1 on Vista x64.
> Any suggestions? I really like the looks of WingIDE but just can't seem to
> get it to run a simple program because, apparently, it can't find the Python
> executable.

Try Wing 3.1.7.  Version 3.1.1 did not yet support Python 2.6 and I suspect
that Wing is finding Python 2.6 in preference and failing to use it properly.
Note that you can also point Wing to a particular Python with the Python
Executable attribute in Project Properties (from the Project menu).  It may
work to use that to point to the Enthought Python 2.5 install, without having
to upgrade Wing (although in general we recommend going to the latest in any
#.# version).

If that doesn't help, please let me know.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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