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Thu Feb 12 09:05:24 MST 2009

Lakshman Prasad wrote:
> I use wing-ide to code apps on django.
> However many auto-completes do not happen. - Particularly those with models
> If AModel is a model,
> AModel.objects.get_or_create() doesnt auto complete, Even the F4 (Goto- 
> Definition), doesnt work
> These auto completes happen, obviously, in the shell.
> If it cant be done now, I am curious, the least, why it doesn't work.

You should get at least some completions on models but because the
attributes like 'objects' are being added dynamically at runtime
with their 'add_to_class()' mechanism they won't show up in the
editor's auto-completer, which sources its data from static analysis.

As you noticed, should get the completion in the Python Shell and
Debug Probe since those source their data from live runtime state.

In the future, we plan to bridge that data over to the editor whenever
the debugger is active and you're working in code within an active
stack frame.


Stephan Deibel
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