[wingide-users] problems on OS X

Gary Robinson grobinson at virtualdev.com
Thu Feb 12 07:43:56 MST 2009

I decided to demo Wingware IDE for a couple of days. So far I've had three problems:

1) After quitting yesterday and restarting today, the font size for all windows and dialogs became far too tiny to be readable. It was fine the first time I ran it, yesterday. Anyone know how this could have happened? How do I fix it, since I can no longer even read the menu names?

2) When I was trying to set PYTHONPATH for the tutorial, I was unable to because one of the enclosing directories had a space in the name. The usual techniques surrounding the path in quotes or escaping the spaces with "\" didn't work. I had to put the tutorial in another directory where the path included no spaces. Is there a way around this?

3) I noticed the problem where WingIDE tooltips bleed through into other apps, but I saw in a note in this mail list that that's a known problem with X Windows on OS X. I hope you're talking to Apple about it though!

My current impression is that WingIDE is a great app in capabilities and design, but probably too flaky for my use on OS X at present. Hopefully the response to this email will improve my impression of the product! I WANT to like it, but I can't deal with things like randomly not being able to read the text unless there's a simple & reliable cure.


Gary Robinson
Virtual Development Corp.
grobinson at virtualdev.com

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